Can you hear the calming stillness of the wilderness?

From the very first step, Hossa feels familiar. The relaxing quietness provides an accompaniment to the scenery, both of which serve make the Hossa wilderness a gentle one. Soft paths guide the visitor onward. Serene waters encourage the canoer to continue from one lean-to to the next. The fisher enjoys his catch, a grayling that put up a formidable fight, by the rapids. The bear cubs romping about on a field also seem to know that, here at Hossa, everything is just as it should be. The inkling of Hossa’s familiarity only seems to grow stronger when marvelling at the mystical paintings of Värikallio. The longing for Hossa’s magnificent scenery is indeed likely to have taken root in us a millennia ago, when the ancient messages were drawn.



The mystical figures depicting animals and humans recount stories thousands of years since. The red rock paintings made in the prehistoric era are one of Hossa’s most impressive sights.

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Julma Ölkky

The sheer rocks of Julma Ölkky inspire awe. The scenery of the narrow canyon lake can be admired from both above and down below, from the lake.

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Hossan joki

Hossanjoki is the number one spot for fly fishers at Hossa. The river’s rapids and currents offer numerous spots for catching trout and grayling.

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Getting there

Hossa is located in the municipality of Suomussalmi, in the region of Kainuu, Finland. The best way to get to Hossa is to drive there yourself. Public transportation will get you as far as in the vicinity of the resort area, but for the rest of the way, you’ll need to take a taxi or rent a car. In addition to Hossa itself, the extensive resort area covers other small villages in Suomussalmi and destinations in the surrounding region. Having a car of your own makes it easy to move between the locations.

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100 km
of marked trails

60 km
cross-country ski tracks

60 km
canoeing routes

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lean-tos and cooking shelters

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campfire sites

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rock paintings

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