Norwide Finland’s programmatic trips and excursions are based on an appreciation of the Hossa wilderness area. Our guides who are knowledgeable of the northern nature will take participants to the wonders of Hossa National Park and the surrounding Taiga Boreal forest area. Depending on the season, it may be possible to ride on a dog sled, snowshoe, ski, canoe or trek. In addition to multi-day trips, Norwide Finland also implement one day – one week guided trips. The Norwide Finland office is located at the Hossa Lomakeskus Holiday Centre, where guests can stay in cottages, as well as a new hotel.

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The Wolf Trail

One of the most popular winter trips takes participants on an eight-day adventure into the snowy forests. As with all the activities of Norwide Finland, this entire package includes guidance, activities, accommodation, full board and airport transfers.

Taiga Dream

During the 8-day sled safari, participants may explore the unique wilderness areas of the northern Taiga Boreal forests. Norwides’s own kennel will provide the sled dogs. Each participant may ride a 25-40 km day trip with their own sled.

Adventure in the heart of the Taiga Boreal forest

The 11-day trip consists of the best pieces of Hossa, the eastern border and the Arctic Circle. During the adventure, many different activities can be experienced: for example, a canoe trip may involve four days.

Customised tours and excursions

Norwide Finland also carry out private and individually customized activity trips and excursions. In addition to Hossa, the company also organises programmatic trips elsewhere in Finland.

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