Paasovaara Holiday Cottages offers accommodation to holidaymakers by the shores of Hossanjärvi with decades of experience. The range of accommodation includes cottages and a semi-detached house in their own peaceful locations. For those yearning for an authentic wilderness atmosphere Paasovaara Holiday Cottages recommends the small lodge at Tavilampi. All lodgings have their own sauna. The smoke sauna by the shoreline is furthermore warmed up to order.

Hossantie 262, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi
Tel. +358 400 389 916 | alpo.paasovaara@suomussalmi.net


Paasovaara Holiday Cottages offers cottage, apartment and lodge accommodation. All lodging alternatives offer the possibility to bathe in a sauna.

Smoke sauna

The smoke sauna of Paasovaara Holiday Cottages provides you with warmth and a lakeside scenery. The smoke sauna is warmed up to order for all those yearning for an authentic sauna atmosphere.

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