Kainuun Luontoretket (Kainuu Nature Tours) organizes wilderness and nature tourism services in the immediate vicinity of Hossa National Park. The company provides program services throughout the year. In addition, the company also accommodates customers in its log cottages on the shore of Lake Joukojärvi. Hossa National Park was established in 2017, based on its cultural heritage and wilderness culture. With its buildings and stories, Kainuun Luontoretket also holds a direct connection to this cultural and historical heritage. Wilderness and nature guide services are available throughout the Kainuu region.

Joukojärventie 14, Suomussalmi
+358 400 758 295 | timo@kainuunluontoretket.fi


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Log cabins respecting the national park's traditions Joukojärvi pirtti and Riihelä accommodate guests by the Joukojärvi lake next to the national park. There are 8 beds in the cottage. Electricity is generated from the sun most of the year. The system delivers 5 kwh of instantaneous power and, thanks to the battery, is sufficient for normal use. In winter, we charge the batteries with an aggregate when needed. The washing water is carried from a well or lake. Composting outdoor toilets serve users.


You can go canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing in various forms and hunting under a license here. Our cooperation partners offer for example bear watching and motorboat cruising through Julma-Ölkky. Program services and guidance are available in all program formats. Tell us your wishes for an active holiday and we will help you make it memorable.


There are Hossa's famous fishing waters in front of the cottages. The Hossa area offers many opportunities to suit everyone's preferences.

Rental services

We rent equipment for self-service hikers. The equipment includes electro-assisted fatbikes, gliding shoes, kayaks, canoes, tents, sleeping bags, etc. Instruction and the necessary safety equipment are included. The transfer of equipment in the Hossa area for extra price.

Products for sale

We manufacture some products for sale. In production eg. aspen plates, birch long masonry trays and wooden carrier racks.

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