Sini Salmirinne, Metsähallitus


The paintings of Värikallio, made with blood and red ochre, are estimated to be 3,500–4,500 years old. More than 60 figures can be identified from the sheer rock wall rising out of Lake Somerjärvi. The mystical animal and human figures are believed to be related to hunting or shamanism. The unique Värikallio is located in the northern reaches of Hossa and can be visited throughout the year.


Julma-Ölkky is Finland’s biggest canyon lake. The rock walls emerging out of the canyon lake rise up to a height of 50 metres. The lake is likewise about 50 metres deep. The massive natural formation is best viewed from the lake. The Ölökyn ähkäsy path running around the canyon lake is recommended for people who are in good shape. The challenging path is 10 kilometres long.


The sprightful Muikkupuro gives an irresistible invitation to wade in its refreshing waters. The crystal-clear and very shallow brook is ideal for both children and adults to cool their feet in. The sweet little brook meanders across the narrow neck of land between Iso-Valkeainen and Keski-Valkeainen. The lean-to (or “laavu”) by Muikkupuro is commonly thought of us as one of the most attractive campfire sites in Hossa National Park.

Raatteen Portti

The Winter War Museum Raatteen Portti leads visitors to the atmosphere of the decisive battles waged on Raate Road. In addition to wartime accounts, the Winter War exhibition delves into the everyday lives of Suomussalmi residents before and after the war. Raatteen Portti also houses the cafe and restaurant Lottakanttiini and a war-themed souvenir shop. Wartime combat structures, such as trenches, can still be viewed alongside Raate Road. The road famous for the battles fought on it can be driven all the way up to the gate in the frontier zone.

The Nature Centre’s exhibition

The renewed Hossa Nature Centre, opening in March 2017, and its exhibitions provide introductions to the area’s unique nature. The area’s rich culture, the ancient legacy of which is visible in the paintings of Värikallio, for example, adds another layer to the story. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Nature Centre houses special exhibitions and displays. The Nature Centre will provide you with good tips about the destinations in the national park and for choosing paths.

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