Paced by a variety of rapids and currents, Hossanjoki is a favourite among fly fishers. The naturally robust stock of grayling and the trout transplanted at a size that accords with restrictions guarantee that a skilful fisher takes away pleasing catches from the rapids. At times, the lure attracts a giant trout that has swum up from Lake Kiantajärvi. There are several campfire sites and lean-tos for meal breaks alongside Hossanjoki. In addition to the fisheries management fee, fishing at Hossanjoki requires a separate rod permit.

Lakes and ponds

The lakes and ponds at Hossa are bountiful in large perch and whitefish, as well as transplanted trout and grayling. Popular fishing destinations include Umpi-Valkeinen and Iso-Valkeinen, for instance. Trollers favour a lake that is large on Hossa’s scale – Pitkä-Hoilua. The shore of Housiuslampi is also accessible to fishers with reduced mobility. Boats to rent are available in the area.

Ice fishing

The warm sunshine of late winter and ice fishing is an unbeatable combination. In addition to wild fish, the catch at Hossa includes transplanted trout. Hossa’s triple rainbow trout permit allows you to fish at the Huosius, Keihäs and Pieni-Hossalaislampi ponds. With a guide, you can be sure that your fishing trips head to the best fishing grounds. Brewing kettle coffee out in the open is an essential part of the programme in ice picking excursions.

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