Eat, drink and enjoy

Never have the houses in the wilds of Suomussalmi sent travellers on their way on an empty stomach. This tradition is continued by the restaurants, cafes and catering providers of Hossa. The menus account for the energy requirements of hikers, bikers, canoers and all as well as the best of the local cuisine. For the groceries bought for the cottage you are staying at, Ruhtinan Herkkukori offers an extensive selection and, for good measure, the atmosphere of a traditional village shop. The summer store of Camping Hossan Lumo and the Visitor Centre will also provide you with replenishments when you need to restock your pantry.


Food service providers

Hossan Lomakeskus

Accommodation, Restaurant, Renting

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Camping Hossan Lumo

Accommodation, Store, Renting, Sauna

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Hossa Visitor Centre

Accommodation, Fishing permits, Information, Renting

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Arola farm and wilderness holidays

Accommodation, Bear safaris, Dining

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Martinselkosen Eräkeskus

Accommodation, Bear safaris, Meals, Excursions

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Julma-Ölkyn venepalvelu

Boat excursions, Kiosk, Cottage accommodation

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Pitopalvelu Merja Kieppi

Catering service, Guidance, Accommodation

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Raatteen portti

Raatteen Portti

Attraction, Cafe, Accommodation, Bear safaris

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Ruhtinan Herkkukori

K-Ruhtinan Herkkukori

Grocery store, Cafe

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Food services on map

Food and programme services

Enjoying a meal out in the open is one of the best moments in any excursion, especially if you get to sit in a set table. Some of the companies in Hossa specialise in providing groups with meals and programme in the context of excursions. The most enthusiastic cooks can even take part in the cooking. Local tales and wilderness traditions are also a part of these programmes and services.