Hossa Travel is a local tour operator offering diverse holiday weeks based on outdoor activities at Hossa. The holiday packages are composed of the local service offering, respectful of nature. Hossa Travel also offers accommodation at the Kovavaara wilderness farm, based on the traditional and authentic spirit of the wilderness.

Kovavaarantie 56, 89920, Ruhtinansalmi
Tel. +358 407 646 137 | hossatravel@gmail.com


Programmatic holiday weeks

Hossa Travel organises holiday trips in both winter and summer. A week’s holiday product includes accommodation, meals, activities, guided tours and excursions and airport transportations.

The services of wilderness guides

Hossa Travel takes its customers to the best spots in Hossa’s wilderness and hunting and fishing grounds. The length of the wilderness excursion is tailored according to the customer’s wishes.

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