Hossa National Park

Hossa invites you to experience both its gentle and mystical side. The beauty of the easily negotiable paths amid the pine trees leading from one ridge to the next and the crystal-clear waters are a joy to behold. The landscape’s mysticism derives from the ancient paintings of Värikallio and the monumental canyon lake Julma-Ölkky. For a long time now, Hossa has been a favourite among hikers and excursionists who enjoy the peace of the wilderness.

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Sini Salmirinne, Metsähallitus

Attractions and destinations

The region of Hossa is an intriguing mixture of wilderness and culture that reflects a borderland’s mindset. Hossa Visitor Centre is a treasure chest for those who wish to learn more of the intriguing history of Hossa and get the best hiking tips before setting off to the national park. In addition to the destinations in the national park, the Winter War Museum Raatteen Portti, which introduces visitors to military history, and a ramble among the Silent People, situated alongside Highway 5, will prove to be worth your while.



Instructions and rules

National parks protect the diversity of Finnish nature while providing hiking, camping and excursion destinations open to everyone. To protect the unique environment, it is important to remember a few exceptions to the public right of access (or “everyman’s right”) when you are visiting Hossa. Camping, for instance, is allowed only in certain parts of the national park. Before the rules of the future national park are formalised, the rules of the existing camping area apply.