Talvinen talo

Matkalaisen Pirtti is located close to beautiful Lake Tormua. Pirtti was built soon after the wars, and in the 2020s it has been renovated with respect for the old traditions.

Around Matkalaisen Pirtti, you can feel the past rural landscape, the beauty and purity of nature. On summer evenings, the gentle steam baths of the beach sauna invite you to take a sauna. It is also easy to take a dip to swim and enjoy the silence and peace of your own beach.

Matkalaisen Pirtti is equipped to suit self-employed travelers. However, breakfast and picnic lunches can be ordered from Pirtti’s hostess, and if necessary, delicious dinners can be ordered from a local catering service.

Among other things, Hossa National Park, Julma-Ölkky, Hossa Bears, Kalmosärkät (archaeological site) and the Hämeaho Hut (near the Russian border) are a short drive from Pirtti.

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Matkalaisen Pirtti
- bed for 8 person
- prices include cleaning, bed linen and towels
- outdoor toilet, no shower but an excellent outdoor sauna

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