The peacefulness of Hossa’s forests will make an impression on the most strapping of men. The area has game from bears to waterfowl. Permits are sold for hunting land- and waterfowl, small predators, rabbits and beavers in the small-game areas of Metsähallitus. Hossa’s hunting area extends from National Road 5 to the eastern border, meaning that the area has ample hunting grounds.

Hunting excursions

Local wilderness experts guide you to the tracks of the desired game. You can hunt bears, foxes or landfowl, for example. Companies that offer hunting excursions tailor hunting packages according to your preferences, accommodation and meals included, when necessary. You can book the services of a hunting guide for a one-day hunt or for a hunting trip that lasts for several days.


Some permits for hunting small game can be purchased through the Eräluvat service.


Services offered by businesses and companies

Jarmon eräpalvelu

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Hossa Travel

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Kainuun Luontoretket

Kainuun Luontoretket


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