The 60-kilometre water excursion trails provide enough canoeing for several days. Hossa’s canoeing season usually lasts from mid-May until the end of September. The labyrinthine lakes and flowing waters include plenty of good spots for both beginners and experienced canoers. Take to the waters conveniently in the canoes and kayaks available for rent in the area.


Hossa’s rivers are categorised as Class I and Class II white waters. Class I white waters are easy even for beginners and do not require special rafting equipment. In the slightly difficult white waters of Class II, the trail disappears from sight every once in a while. Inexperienced rafters must familiarise themselves with the trail beforehand from the shore. Locations suitable as starting points for rafting routes include the boat lowering places by the parking area of Julma Ölkky and at Iso-Perankajärvi.


In the summer, canoers can reach all trails easily, thanks to the plentiful water situation. Take a closer look at the trails on the Hossan vesireitistö pages.


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