Sauna bathing

Crown your day outdoors with a proper dinner and a warm sauna. The warmth relaxes your muscles and soothes your mind. In addition to the saunas of accommodation providers, you can book a waterfront sauna for private use at Hossa. Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut in Ämmänsaari provides you with a chance to try a herbal sauna during your relaxing stay at the hotel.

Smoke sauna

If you have ever experienced the gentle warmth of a smoke sauna, you may have an opinion about the best sauna in the world. The sauna stove of a smoke sauna does not have a chimney at all. The interiors, darkened by smoke, and a whiff of smoke in the air are part of the attraction of this traditional way of taking a sauna. The heating of a smoke sauna’s enormous sauna stove begins several hours before bathing.

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