Sini Salmirinne, Metsähallitus

Cycling trails

Hossa’s biking trails allow you to speed along on a bike. The Jatkon valkea trail is easy and suitable for beginners. Kokalmuksen kierros trail and Harjujen huikonen trail are intermediate. The Sininen saavutus trail is demanding and requires more mountain biking skills.

The biking trails along the ridges, level heaths and shores offer varying grounds with a constantly changing scenery. The roads to other travel destinations are a nice addition to the range of trails.

Mountain biking and fatbike

The wide tyres of a mountain bike provide you with the best grip in Hossa’s landscape. The tyres on a fatbike are even wider. Fatbikes are also suitable for winter cycling, given that the size of the tyre allows them to travel in the snow. If you haven’t caught the mountain biking bug before you reach Hossa, you can hit the road on a rental bike.


Biking in the national park is allowed only on the marked biking trails. If you need to use the hiking paths, bicycle must be walked.


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