A dive into the world underwater opens up a whole new world. Thanks to its amazingly clear waters, Hossa is visited regularly by many diving clubs and diving enthusiasts. The good visibility allows you to easily examine the old structures in the ponds, including fishing weirs. The perch surrounding you make for a fun addition to the dive. The maintenance building at Öllöri shore, in the camping area of Karhunkainalo, is at the disposal of divers free of charge.

Limpid ponds

The water of Hossa’s kettle ponds is extremely clear. Öllöri is one of the most popular diving destinations due to its clear waters and services. To reach the bottom of the kettle pond, you will have to dive nearly 40 metres. The pond at Öllöri also features underwater jetties at different depths.


Check the services available for divers, including possibilities to fill diving cylinders, on the homepages of Hossa Visitor Centre (the centre will be closed until March 2017).


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