Siirtolan Kelomökit provides accommodation in the spirit of wilderness right by the national park. The cottages are located on the shores of three different waterways. The cottages are equipped with electricity and electric heating, due to which they are fit for habitation throughout the year. A soapstone fireplace or an iron stove adds to the mood of the small houses. Water is drawn from Paasovaara’s own wells and every cottage has an outhouse. Pets are welcome in all of the cottages. The yards of two cottages (numbers 2 and 8) also have an outdoor pen for dogs.

Siirtolantie 9, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi
Tel. 040 1963 565 | majava.sirpa@gmail.com



The wilderness-minded lakeside cottages are furnished with electricity, water from their own well and an outhouse. Guests also have a boat at their disposal. The cottages are in use throughout the year.

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