Raatteen Portti makes you pause and think back to the decisive moments of the Winter war. In addition to the hostilities, the Winter War exhibition of Raatteen Portti delves into the everyday lives of Suomussalmi residents before and after the war. Decked out in old-world style, the charming Kanttiini Päämaja and its doughnuts served with coffee rid your mind of the gloomy thoughts of war. Raatteen Portti is open from May to October and, during other time, to order for groups.

Raatteentie 2, 89800 SUOMUSSALMI
Tel. + 358 400 892 192 | info@raatteenportti.fi


Raate Road

Raate Road is one of Finland’s most well-known combat areas. Driving along this museum road, you can still see the lines of defence, which were the scenes of fierce action during the Winter War.

The Winter War Museum

The Winter War exhibition tells about Suomussalmi before the Winter War, evacuation preparations, the impact of the bitterly cold winter on the course of the war, the fate of the Red Army, the valuable spoils of war Finland gained from Raate Road and the conditions to which people returned after the war. The exhibition includes a newly-produced documentary film scripted by Pekka Lehtosaari. The revamped outdoor exhibition area features heavy war-time materiel, including a Soviet tank involved in the Battle of Raate Road. The exhibition also features a scale model of Raate Road and a road plough which was used to clean up Raate Road after the Winter War.

Kanttiini Päämaja "Canteen Headquarters"

The smell greets you at the door. If all the doughnuts made at Raatteen Portti were piled up together, there would be quite a mouth-watering mountain since doughnuts have been made in this very same place since 1992. Fresh, tasty hand-made doughnuts are a temptation not to be resisted.

Kanttiini Päämaja is a great place for the visitor to take a break and enjoy freshly-made coffee and mouth-watering cakes and savouries baked on the premises.

Majatalo Karhunpesä "Karhunpesä Inn"

Karhunpesä Inn is a hostel just two kilometres from Raate Road and Raatteen Portti. The wild bear watching location is ten kilometres away and Suomussalmi municipal centre 21 kilometres. You can reserve the hostel rooms between 1st. of May. - to 30th. November. Information, other reservations or longer periods, please contact phone +358 400-892 192 Karhunpesä is located in the wartime entrapment area at Haukila.

Souvenir Shop Motti

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