Kiannan kelkka- ja kalaetappi provides accommodation for both large groups and individual travellers. Their three premises across Suomussalmi are also suitable for meetings and events. In addition to accommodation services, Kiannan kelkka- ja kalaetappi organises safaris and rents equipment. Kiannanniemi provides an ideal point of departure for snowmobilers, whether you decide to head out on your own or join a guided safari. The snowmobile track leading away from the yard will guide you, for example, to Hossa or Raatteen Portti.

Kiannanniemi, 89740 Suomussalmi
Tel. + 358 44 0996431 | veikka.juntunen@gmail.com


The premises at Kiannanniemi, Sakara and Saarenkylä can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. Kiannan kelkka- ja kalaetappi also rents smaller apartments for individual travellers.

Guided safaris

Kiannan kelkka- ja kalaetappi organises high-quality snowmobile safaris for everyone, from beginners to experienced snowmobilers. Driving lessons are available by order. Guided excursions are also organised for those interested in trying snowshoes or ice fishing.

Equipment rental

Rental snowmobiles, skis, snowshoes and fatbikes are available at Kiannanniemi. The services of the rental shop are available for everyone, regardless of whether they are staying in accommodation provided by Kiannan kelkka- ja kalaetappi.

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