Welcome to Hossa

Hossa offers plenty of rewards for the intrepid traveler who leaves the trunk road to head for the eastern wilderness. The road leading to the national park parts from National Road 5 (E63) at Peranka. From this junction onward, you will be guided to your destination with the help of Hossa signs. National Road 5, traversing the municipality of Suomussalmi, is roughly 30 kilometres away from the destination.


By car

The directions in a nutshell are easy to remember: break at Peranka on National Road 5 (E63) and turn east to Selkoskyläntie (9190). Continue forward until the road ends and turn left to Hossantie (843), which will lead you to your destination at Hossa.


By bus

Buses operate the stretch of National Road 5 between Kajaani and Kuusamo all year round. The distance to Hossa from the Peranka stop by National Road 5 is about 30 kilometres, due to which you will need a taxi to get to your final destination. A standard bus line with a regular timetable operates between Kuusamo and Hossa on schooldays.



By train

The railway stations of Kajaani and Oulu are the most convenient in terms of connections for passengers heading to Hossa. Kajaani is 200 kilometres away from Hossa, Oulu 240 kilometres. If you are arriving from Kajaani, the trains will also stop at the smaller station of Kontionmäki, 170 kilometres away from Hossa.


By air

Visitors from the most distant locations arrive to Hossa by air. The closest airports are located in Kuusamo (80 km), Kajaani (200 km) and Oulu (240 km away). A rental car is the most convenient way to continue your journey from the airport to Hossa.


By taxi

You can always rely on a taxi, even in the wilds of Hossa. Local taxi drivers know the frontier zone like the back of their hand. Inquisitive travelers are also provided with a wealth of local knowledge during their journey.

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