Hossa’s crystal clear and sand-bottomed waterways are made for swimming. Preferred spots include the shore of Hossan Lumo at Hossanlahti, Iikoski at Hypäsjärvi and the Karhunkainalo camping area at Öllöri. At the shore of Hossan Lumo, you can also rent a SUP board and try stand-up paddling, which is good for your entire body.


At Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut, the weather is always perfect for a swim. The 25-metre fitness swimming pool has four tracks. Children will enjoy the children’s pool, which they can splash into via two slides. The refreshment is crowned by a water massage, a whirlpool bath or a dive into the cold-water pool. Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut is located in Ämmänsaari.