Sled dog teams

Take a ride with a team of sled dogs to experience the peacefulness of nature in a truly unique way. As the dogs speed forward, the sled glides nearly soundlessly across the snowy landscape. The sled dogs of Hossan Lomakeskus transport groups in the middle of the national park’s beauty. In terms of duration, you can choose anything from a sled dog excursion that lasts a few hours to a safari of several days.

Visit a husky farm

A visit to the frisky huskies will get you in a good mood. The farms of Hossan Lomakeskus are home to roughly 160 sled dogs. Visitors can take part in feeding the dogs. Please arrange visits beforehand by calling Hossan Lomakeskus. Particularly in the winter, the visits are carried out within the limits allowed by the dogs’ working and feeding hours.


Ever wondered what it feels like to be at the helm of a sled dog team? On the excursions and safaris organised by Hossan Lomakeskus, participants can harness the dogs and drive the sled dog team.

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