Bear safaris

The frontier zone between Finland and Russia is home to plenty of bears. While you are unlikely to encounter them on the hiking paths, you are almost sure to see some on a bear safari. The strongly-built hides allow you to focus on and photograph the activities of these kings of the forest in their natural habitat. These locations are often also visited by other predators, such as eagles, wolves and wolverines.

Tarmo Karvonen: Hossa Travel

Visits to reindeer farms

Given that Hossa is located in a reindeer management area, the reindeer trotting on the heaths are a fundamental part of the scenery. To get a chance to scratch and feed them, visit Hossa Reindeer Park. During your visit, the hosts will fill you in on reindeer and the local reindeer management culture. Hossa Reindeer Park also organises opportunities for photographing the sweet calves at the park. Hossa Travel offers the chance of reindeer management holidays at wilderness farms.

Husky farm

The husky farm at Hossan Lomakeskus is home to nearly 160 energetic sled dogs. In 2016, the pack was also strengthened with puppies. Visitors are offered the chance to give the dogs a scratch and feed them. The visits are carried out within the limits allowed by the dogs’ working and feeding hours. Please arrange visits beforehand by calling Hossan Lomakeskus.


The courtship antics of the male capercaillie and the glare of the great grey owl make for an unforgettable experience for every nature lover. Successful sightings of the most elusive birds in the wilderness usually requires patience, silence and a little bit of luck as well. The Siberian jay, on the other hand, will bravely venture forth to check out the what the hikers stopping at the campfire site have been planning to eat. If you are hoping to see a particular species, we recommend contacting the companies that organise birdwatching excursions.

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