The paintings of Värikallio, made with blood and red ochre, are estimated to be 3,500–4,500 years old. More than 60 figures can be identified from the sheer rock wall rising out of Lake Somerjärvi. The mystical animal and human figures are believed to be related to hunting or shamanism. The unique Värikallio is located in the northern reaches of Hossa and can be visited throughout the year.



Paced by a variety of rapids and currents, Hossanjoki is a favourite among fly fishers. The naturally robust stock of grayling and the trout transplanted at a size that accords with restrictions guarantee that a skilful fisher takes away pleasing catches from the rapids. At times, the lure attracts a giant trout that has swum up from Lake Kiantajärvi. There are several campfire sites and lean-tos for meal breaks alongside Hossanjoki. In addition to the fisheries management fee, fishing at Hossanjoki requires a separate rod permit.

Ancient Hossa

Ancient Hossa

Hossa was already inhabited during the Stone Age and the mystical ancient spirit is still present in the area. You are as close to nature as our ancestors were. Row, fish, trek and enjoy natural peace by the fire and listen as nature speaks to you.


Bear safaris

The frontier zone between Finland and Russia is home to plenty of bears. While you are unlikely to encounter them on the hiking paths, you are almost sure to see some on a bear safari. The strongly-built hides allow you to focus on and photograph the activities of these kings of the forest in their natural habitat. These locations are often also visited by other predators, such as eagles, wolves and wolverines.


Cycling trails

Hossa’s biking trails allow you to speed along on a bike. The Jatkon valkea trail is easy and suitable for beginners. Kokalmuksen kierros trail and Harjujen huikonen trail are intermediate. The Sininen saavutus trail is demanding and requires more mountain biking skills.

The biking trails along the ridges, level heaths and shores offer varying grounds with a constantly changing scenery. The roads to other travel destinations are a nice addition to the range of trails.


Berry picking

A berry pail is a standard excursion item of the late summer and autumn. The rugged heaths of Hossa turn red-and-white during the lingonberry season. Tasty blueberries can be picked from the slopes of the spruce-covered hills even earlier, in late summer. When it’s time for cloudberries, pull your wellies on and head to the bogs. When you go berry picking, do so with a map, compass and clothing that you will protect you from mosquito bites.



The peacefulness of Hossa’s forests will make an impression on the most strapping of men. The area has game from bears to waterfowl. Permits are sold for hunting land- and waterfowl, small predators, rabbits and beavers in the small-game areas of Metsähallitus. Hossa’s hunting area extends from National Road 5 to the eastern border, meaning that the area has ample hunting grounds.


Snowshoes provide you with an easy way to get in the middle of Hossa’s winter wonderland. The rest spots along the hiking trails present a wonderful chance to fry sausages for a snack, for example. Snowshoeing is suitable for everyone, whether in shape or not, and it is a nice winter hobby for the whole family. You won’t need to bring your own equipment to Hossa, because the local travel sector companies rent snowshoes.

Sled dog teams

Sled dog teams

Take a ride with a team of sled dogs to experience the peacefulness of nature in a truly unique way. As the dogs speed forward, the sled glides nearly soundlessly across the snowy landscape. The sled dogs of Hossan Lomakeskus transport groups in the middle of the national park’s beauty. In terms of duration, you can choose anything from a sled dog excursion that lasts a few hours to a safari of several days.



The 60-kilometre water excursion trails provide enough canoeing for several days. Hossa’s canoeing season usually lasts from mid-May until the end of September. The labyrinthine lakes and flowing waters include plenty of good spots for both beginners and experienced canoers. Take to the waters conveniently in the canoes and kayaks available for rent in the area.



Hossa’s crystal clear and sand-bottomed waterways are made for swimming. Preferred spots include the shore of Hossan Lumo at Hossanlahti, Iikoski at Hypäsjärvi and the Karhunkainalo camping area at Öllöri. At the shore of Hossan Lumo, you can also rent a SUP board and try stand-up paddling, which is good for your entire body.



Yoga practice in the serene environment of Hossa strengthens your connection to the surrounding nature. The peaceful atmosphere calms down the mind and strengthens a mindful presence. The type of breathing and moving characteristic of yoga strengthens the mind and body alike. The yoga and mindfulness moments offered by JoogaTaival at Hossa are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fitness.


Sauna bathing

Crown your day outdoors with a proper dinner and a warm sauna. The warmth relaxes your muscles and soothes your mind. In addition to the saunas of accommodation providers, you can book a waterfront sauna for private use at Hossa. Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut in Ämmänsaari provides you with a chance to try a herbal sauna during your relaxing stay at the hotel.



A dive into the world underwater opens up a whole new world. Thanks to its amazingly clear waters, Hossa is visited regularly by many diving clubs and diving enthusiasts. The good visibility allows you to easily examine the old structures in the ponds, including fishing weirs. The perch surrounding you make for a fun addition to the dive. The maintenance building at Öllöri shore, in the camping area of Karhunkainalo, is at the disposal of divers free of charge.


Path running

Hossa’s easy-to-travel paths are a runner’s dream destination. Plan your route so that it includes height differences that raise your heart rate, or just focus on running on the pleasant and soft terrain. Hossa offers a suitable amount of challenge for your fitness and agility. The narrow ridges wear easily, due to which we recommend that you use existing paths for running.


Souvenir shops

Local handicraft and delicacies made from the bounty of the local nature often find their way from Hossa’s souvenir shops to visitors’ homes and friends. The selections include objects both handy and ornamental, not to mention the edible types. Those interested in military history can find interesting souvenirs in the shop of Raatteen Portti. Hossa Reindeer Park offers the youngest members of the family a chance to spend part of their weekly pocket-money on a toy reindeer.

SUP boarding

SUP boarding

Hossa’s calm waters are ideal for SUP boarding. SUP refers to stand-up paddling, which is easy even for beginners, meaning that you will have plenty of opportunities to admire the view while paddling. SUP boarding is particularly good exercise for your stomach muscles. The boards are surprisingly stable, thanks to which this form of exercise is suitable for people of all sizes and ages.



In the old days, waterways were the thoroughfares of the wilderness. Indeed, Hossa is still worth exploring from the perspective of its waters. If you choose to stay in a cottage by the shore, you will often have a rowing boat at your disposal. Boats can also be rented. Please check the booking situation when you make your reservation for the accommodation. Boat excursions organised by skippers familiar with Hossa’s waterways will leave you with memories of interesting stories in addition to the magnificent views.


Snowmobile trails

Snowmobile trails enable snowmobiling in the surroundings of Hossa and longer journeys to other snowmobiling centres in eastern Finland. Tracks maintained by Metsähallitus ( lead you on your way outside the national park, meaning that you will need to purchase a track permit for snowmobiling. The tracks heading north belong to the network of trails maintained by local snowmobiling clubs.

Cross-country skiing

Ski tracks

Hossa’s snow-white landscape features approximately 40 kilometres of tracks suitable for a traditional cross-country skiing method. Most of the ski tracks are easy. You will find lean-to shelters and campfire sites by the trails, so remember to pack some snacks into your gear. You can also try cross-country when it’s already dark outside: the village of Hossa has a lit track that is two kilometres long.
Hossa Winter Trails

Excursions & hiking

Marked trails

Excursionists and hikers can enjoy Hossa’s network of trails, which covers about 100 kilometres. The even terrain and easily accessible rest spots make the location an ideal day-trip destination for families with children. The national park also provides several trails suitable for people with reduced mobility. Experienced hikers can continue their journey from Hossa along the eastern border, towards Martinselkonen and the trail running along the eastern border.