Hossa Visitor Centre offers a diverse range of excursion and travel services. Cottages and loggers’ huts provide cosy overnight accommodation throughout the year. The campsite of Karhunkainalo is open to caravanners from March to October. The Visitor Centre’s popular exhibition, cafe/restaurant and other services are open throughout the year. The services offered by Hossa Visitor Centre are produced by Experience KL Oy

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The Nature Centre’s cottages are suitable for accommodation year-round. The largest loggers’ hut can accommodate up to 30 people. The camping site with its services is open from March to October.


The cafe/restaurant is open from March to October and at other times to order. In the summer, the lunch buffet is set every day. You can also buy staple food from the cafe/restaurant.

Programme services and equipment rental

Hossa’s Nature Centre provides tailored programme services and outdoor meals to order. It also offers rental boats, canoes, kayaks and excursion and fishing gear for independent excursions.

Conference facilities

Meetings are organised smoothly in the Nature Centre’s conference facilities, redecorated in conjunction with the ongoing renovation and furnished with modern technology. The loggers’ hut Pääpirtti is also suitable for meetings and teamwork.


The exhibition showcasing the nature and culture of Hossa National Park will be opened in the spring of 2017. Metsähallitus, the State Forest Enterprise, is revamping the exhibition in honour of the new national park.

Permits, maps and keys

The Nature Centre, open again in March, provides fishing permits as well as maps of and guides to the area. The Nature Centre hands out keys to the State Forest Enterprise’s huts located in Hossa’s excursion area and the Seipiniemi campsite.


Hossa’s Nature Centre offers a range of Hossa and nature-themed products, such as books, postcards, fishing gear and textiles.

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