Maija and Lenny welcome travellers and their pets to Camping Hossan Lumo! The cottages of the Finnish-Irish family business are available throughout the year. The services for caravanners are available when the ground is unfrozen, as are the small, nostalgic camping huts. The shallow, child-friendly beach is the gem of Camping Hossan Lumo. In the summer, the camping area is home to the only store in the area. Green values are clearly visible in the day-to-day activities of Camping Hossan Lumo: all waste is recycled and detergents are eco-friendly.

Hossantie 278 B 89920 Ruhtinansalmi Finland
+358 (0)500 166377 | info@hossanlumo.fi


Cottage accommodation

Four out of Camping Hossan Lumo’s ten cottages allow for accommodation throughout the year. The timber cottage, fit for winter habitation, is also suitable for people suffering from allergies. The other timber cottage, set to be completed around Christmas in 2016, is also suitable for people with allergies, in addition to being wheelchair accessible.

Camping grounds

The camping area available when the ground unfrozen has 28 outlets for mains cables. The toilets and showers are located in the maintenance building, as are facilities for cooking, eating and laundry.


The shallow beach is ideal for children. The grill shelter by the lakeside scenery of Camping Hossan Lumo is also an ideal location for enjoying summer evenings.

Summer store and cafe

The only store in the heart of Hossa is open at Camping Hossan Lumo from April to October. The store is adjacent to a cafe with a licence to serve beer.

Camping Hossan Lumo

SUP boards, boats and canoes

Hossanlahti is a great location for giving SUP surfing a try. Camping Hossan Lumo rents SUP boards as well as kayaks, canoes and rowing boats.

Stumpy skiing

Stumpy skis, which combine the properties of skis and snowshoes, allow you to move around in an agile manner even in unbeaten snow. Camping Hossan Lumo offers two pairs of stumpy skis for rent.

Outdoor games and playground

Guests at Camping Hossan Lumo have outdoor games at their disposal against a deposit. Small children enjoy the camping area’s playground. Board games are available for loan to help pass time on rainy days.

Family sauna

The camping area’s lakeside sauna is warm when the ground is unfrozen. The use of the sauna is subject to a separate fee. The cottages fit for winter habitation each have their own sauna.

Fat bike

Hossan Lumo rents fat bikes for both winter and summer use.

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