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Cycling trails

Hossa’s excursion trails also allow you to speed along on a bike. The paths along the ridges and level heaths offer fairly easy cycling paths. The circle trails will provide you with a constantly changing scenery. Visit Värikallio or Julma-Ölkky on a mountain bike. The roads, forest lorry roads and connecting trails to other travel destinations are a nice addition to the range of trails.

Mountain biking and fatbike

The wide tyres of a mountain bike provide you with the best grip in Hossa’s landscape. The tyres on a fatbike are even wider. Fatbikes are also suitable for winter cycling, given that the size of the tyre allows them to travel in the snow. If you haven’t caught the mountain biking bug before you reach Hossa, you can hit the road on a rental bike.


There are about 90 km of trails in the Hossa National Park. The trails, most of which are easy to travel on, run through the most handsome esker and lake scenery in Hossa. You can set off for a long hike by linking circle trails by means of the connecting trails.


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